Listing Services​

Listing your home with a REALTOR® requires that you trust and rely on your Realtor to sell what, for most, is their most expensive asset. We pride ourselves in providing a customized service and experience for our clients so they feel confident that their best interests are being served.​​
Our listing services include:
  • Information on the process of selling your home or investment and what you need to do to prepare yourself for the sale of your property,
  • Customized Home Evaluation that takes into consideration the unique elements of your property and provide an unbiased perspective on it's value based on objective factors like market conditions and area factors,
  • Expertise in the Winnipeg Real Estate Market and thorough understanding of the process of selling homes in whatever market conditions are presently affecting your sale,
  • Advice on how to market your property best, according to your unique needs and situation and how to maximize the use of the MLS and the systems in place that have proven success over decades of use,
  • Providing you with home staging services as needed and will be included in the commission. This will be determined on a case by case basis. 
  • Provide all the necessary items to sell your home: sign, custom selling information sheets on your property, photos and advertising in selected media,
  • Magnify your exposure by using the MLS and Winnipeg Real Estate News, these trusted online and print publications reach the widest target audience of buyers,
  • Coordination of showings and working with cooperating brokerages and Realtors on your behalf,
  • Direction and strategy in how to manage single or multiple offer situations,
  • Navigation and negotiation when reviewing and dealing with offers,
  • Comfort of knowing your interests are being protected in the sale of your home,
  • Completing all paperwork properly to ensure ease of the sale of your property,
  • Work in unison with your mortgage representatives, lawyers and others involved in the sale of your home to be sure your transaction is done properly and on time.
These are all the elements of service that we provide for our listing clients. Call today at 204.997.1133 to book an appointment to see if you are ready to move onto the next phase of your real estate journey!

Buying Services

We truly believe in the value of real estate and the benefits that accompany owning it for yourself. We help families and individuals find real estate that will truly benefit their lives. Purchasing a home for you and your family, or for investment, can be one of the most stressful and largest decisions you will ever make.  It is vital that you find representation in this process from someone you can trust and feel confident in, not only their skills and knowledge as REALTOR®, but also that they are truly looking out for your best interests.
We recognize the incredible responsibility on us as Realtors representing you and your family and we take that responsibility quite seriously. We want our clients to feel well protected and advised when considering homes to purchase. Even if you are thinking of buying private, it is in your best interest to have a Realtor making sure your interests are taken care of when dealing with a private seller. 
Home Buying Service include:
  • Provide information on the process of buying and what you need to do to prepare to be ready to buy in Winnipeg's Real Estate Market.
  • Coordination of showing appointments,
  • Creation, submission and negotiation of offers with sellers and their Realtors,
  • Advising on offer strategies customized to each unique scenario,
  • Bring attention to potential issues in homes as they are viewed,
  • Advise if buyers conditions, such as home inspections, mortgage or various other conditions are necessary or in your best interest,
  • Advise in regards to the costs associated with buying a home or investment property,
  • Advise on areas and help provide options for every circumstance.
Call today at 204.997.1133 to book an appointment to meet and discover if you are ready to start looking at buying a home or investment property.

Staging Services

Home Staging is the the art of preparing a home for sale and to appeal to the widest audience possible. It is not a tool to hide major issues with the home or a tactic to overprice a home, but simply to provide the best first impression possible. We love what staging does to a property, it allows buyers to envision and see the property's potential. It also is the best way to ensure that you are maximizing the potential value of your property. Due to the importance to the sale of a property we have committed to include the cost of staging in the commission we charge as a brokerage. We know from experience that preparing your home for sale, whether it is last minute repairs, decluttering, replacing malfunctioned mechanicals, landscpaing etc, can be very costly and although you will recooperate those costs when you sell, staging is often out of the question due to the additional cost. So we offer to take that cost on for you. We have partnered with Elevate Home Staging and Design Inc to provide this service for our clients. Now there are situations where it may not be suitable to stage the property being listed or the staging company we use does not have avaialbility, those are constraints that are out of our control. To secure staging services you are best to contact us as soon as you can to check availability.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
If you simply need to know what it would take to make the best first impression of your home or investment in order to sell, then this service is for you. Our staging consultant will walk through your home, provide you with a list of recommendations of improvements that could be made to increase your appeal on the market.
Even before considering making changes to your home in order to sell (eg. fixing up kitchen or redoing bathroom) for future sale, contact us to see where your money will be best spent before you invest in your home.
Please contact us for more information and check out Elevate Home Staging and Design Inc's website to see how they maximize your first impression at .
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